Welcome to the Associate Membership Program

The SRIA’s Associate Membership Program is the Society’s Correspondence Course. The lessons contained in the Associate System (120 lessons in all), were written by Dr. George Winslow Plummer, our Society’s most influential founder.

The scope of the work encompassed by the Associate Membership program was described in the 1935 Constitution of the Societas Rosicruciana in America: “The Society shall conduct extension courses and lectures on the Rosicrucian Teachings, which shall be open to all who fulfill the general membership requirements of the Society, and shall be available on the voluntary subscription plan.”

Over the years the Associate System has undergone changes with regard to the numbering and ordering of the lessons, etc. In the past, the lessens were sent to students via post; now they are available as downloadable PDF files. Today the Associate System is comprised of ten levels (also called libers as well as series), each containing twelve lessons. These ten levels are further divided into four courses:

1) The Foundation Course in Occult Science
(including the Rosicrucian Series, the Hermetic Series, and the Kabalah/Tarot Series
     — 36 months total)
2) The Intermediate Course in Occult Science
(including the Alchemical Series, the Esoteric Series, and the Philosophic Series
— 36 months total)

3) The Advanced Course in Occult Science
     (including the Psychological Series, the Spiritual Series, and the Spiritual Healing Series
— 36 months total)

4) The Post Graduate Course in Occult Science (including the Spiritual Alchemy Series
     — 12 months total)

Each level is a twelve month subscription. We strongly encourage that students begin with the Foundation Level, working the system in its intended order, and concentrate on thoroughly studying one lesson per month, in order to fully absorb the material presented in each lesson. After each lesson the student is given specific meditative work to do, requiring a few minutes each day.

Certificates of Course Completion
Signed Certificates of Course Completion are only available to those students who complete the Courses of the Associated System Program in their intended order, starting with the Foundation Course, followed by the Intermediate Course, etc. Examinations in the form of written essays and reports are assigned upon request at the end of each level.  Students who complete the required gradework for each level contained within one of the four courses are eligible to receive a signed Certificate of Course Completion.

For those who do not desire to receive a signed Certificate of Course Completion, all Associate System courses may be still taken by regular subscription.

Two Subscription Options
At this time, we offer two options for Associate Membership subscriptions—
Annual and Biannual:

Students can purchase an entire Level that is designed to deliver one lesson per month over 12 months. Cost: $120.
(Annual Subscriptions are labeled Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc.)

Students can purchase one-half of a Level, designed to deliver one lesson per month over 6 months. Cost: $60.
(Biannual Subscriptions are labeled Level 1 (Part 1), Level 1 (Part 2), Level 2 (Part 1), etc.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, you can
purchase subscriptions here.