The Mystery of the Lord’s Prayer

Reprinted from “Notes and Queries” Vol. XXIII, April 1905

Selected by R.W. Henry V.A.Parsell, X° – 32°


The following interpretation of the Pater Noster, copied from the writings of “ZARIEL”, will be of interest to Mystics. It reveals the mystic education received by Christ, during his boyhood in Egypt, and refers to the annual progress of the Lord, or Sun, through the Eternal Space, as well as the infinity of the recession of the equinoxes.

“Our Father who art in Heaven” is the salutation to the Creator, or Sun, at its origin at the first point in Aries, crossing the equator, at the ascendant, or place from whence arises the “Name”, thus the Sun in:

ARIES is signified by “hallowed be thy NAME.”

TAURUS: “Thy Kingdom come,” being in an earth sign, governs the ‘kingdom’.

GEMINI: “Thy will be done,” Mercury ruling Gemini, governs the ‘will.’

CANCER: “on Earth,” the Moon ruling Cancer, and governing matter, sensuality, or ‘earth.’

LEO: “as it is in Heaven,” the Sun ruling Leo, the House of the Lord, or ‘heaven.’

VIRGO: “Give us this day our daily Bread,” the Virgin holds the sheaves of wheat, ‘bread.’

LIBRA: “and forgive us our trespasses, as we Forgive those who trespass against us,” in the Balance, or scales of justice, ruled by brotherly love.

SCORPIO: “and lead us not into Temptation,” the sign of the serpent, or ‘tempter.”

SAGITTARIUS: “but deliver us from evil,” the sign ruled by Jupiter, the ‘deliverer.’

CAPRICORNUS:“for Thine is the Kingdom,” Capricorn being an earth sign, similar to Taurus.

AQUARIUS: “and the Power,” Uranus, or higher magnetic WILL, ruling Aquarius governing ‘power’.

PISCES: “and the Glory,” Neptune ruling Pisces, and governing the immensity of space with Infinite Wisdom and ‘glory’.


“Forever and ever,