Two Lines of Approach

The work of the Society is conducted along two general lines, and the seeker may select one or both of these approaches for their development. These twin paths to knowledge within the Society are:

  1. The Associate System: This includes Annual and Bi-Annual subscription courses, subscribers of which are termed Associate Members.
  2. The Collegiate System: This is comprised of Colleges, Chapters and Consistories, members of which are termed Collegiate Members.

At the present time only the first line of approach is made available to Associate Members.

Above all, the Society’s teachings guide the student to a constructive life of right thinking, right acting and right speaking; they align the student definitely with Nature’s Constructive Principle, stimulating him/her to make the most of the opportunities afforded by every day of mortal life. They develop into activity those interior faculties that may enable the student to live a real life of continuous spiritual unfoldment in a state of health, enjoying the Happiness that comes through the possession of true Wisdom and the ability to use it constructively.