Moments Unsought

Quotes from Clare Cameron

From the book “Hidden Beauty of the Commonplace: A Nature Mystic’s Reflactions upon True Freedom” by Philip Pegler

“There are moments unsought, sitting in our own room in firelight or lamplight with perhaps a cat on the hearthrug and perhaps listening to music, when quite suddenly in a split second we see and know the oneness of everything in all its harmony and arrested beauty. The experience is incommunicable – the moment of insight opens within us and is gone and everything is separate once more. But we have learned more than anything to be read in a book…

” … It may come when we are observing and communing with a single flower or insect upon a leaf, or touching the rough bark of a tree, or in the pregnant silence that falls between friends when another Presence is sensed; or in meditation or prayer; or engaged in some quite ordinary task. No man knoweth the coming and going of the wind of the spirit, but it blows open the doors of our perception.”