Letter from Dr. Plummer to Mr. Edward Brown

Plummer (Khei) to Mr. Edward Brown (Eulis)
(Excerpts from a letter, which mentions MacGregor Mathers)

January 17th, 1918

Dear Frater Brown (Eulis)

Both yours of the 10th and 14th instants are at hand. It is also a pleasure to state that at last we have succeeded in rescuing the booklets from the American Express Company.

I have placed these copies in the hands of our Soror Robertson, Secretary of Metropolitan College, and also one of the proprietors of the Macoy Masonic Publishing Co., for distribution both to our own members and to such as she may consider proper, and interested in legitimate occultism.

The book “Eulis” was also duly received in good condition, and by some mistake, you included the pamphlet of the Shem-Hammephorash by Gould.

As to MacGregor Mathers, I have been asked the same question by many. I inquired from England, and in a letter from A. Cadbury Jones, Secretary General of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia, I am informed under date of December 21st, 1912, as follows:

Mathers name was removed from the books twelve years ago, since then he has not been connected with us in any way or form.”

From this, which shows that eighteen years ago he was a member of the English Rosicrucian Body, and from subsequent investigation, I am informed that all this gentleman knows of the Science was gained from that body, although he has earned an independent reputation as a student of the Kabala, and quite a prolific writer thereon.

Afterward, I understand he organized a secret society, in which his name was said to be the sacred word, and much curious rumor and hearsay gathers about this organization, which we believe is now extinct.

More recently his efforts have been devoted to the organization and propaganda of what is known as the A:.O:., said to be a Rosicrucian Body and which he teaches his followers is the only genuine, etc., etc. There are three Temples here in New York, Neith, Memphis, and the other name I do not recall at the moment.

Teaching is by manuscript passed from one to another, and copied by each recipient. Meetings said to last from noon to midnight. Many other points of inferior importance.

There is plenty of room for all who truly seek to teach the true Path. But we have a right to expect much of our teachers and their lives must be their credentials. By curious coincidence, a friend who has just come from Mathers in Paris was talking with me the day your letter arrived.

Mathers’ failing is said to be booze. He is married to the sister of Henri Bergson the writer and they live in Paris, and his sole means of support is said to be from what his wife’s brother allows them. But I have reason to believe that a certain percentage of each initiation fee in his Order goes to him personally. His life is said to have been far from commendable since his release from the S:.R:.I:.A:. and in fact I am informed that that was one reason why he was dropped.

Then too, he had a long controversy with Arthur Edward Waite I am told, which precipitated his demise from the world of recognized Rosicrucianism. Naturally his hand is against us but it can do no harm, and we do not seek to antagonize him in any way. If the fountain head is not pure, we cannot expect the stream to be any purer, and Rosicrucianism cannot come from tainted sources. At best we mortals are but instruments in the hands of the Creative Hierarchies and they certainly do not choose for their purpose those who do not measure up in some degree to requirements, although in their higher and spiritual judgement, they see us as we cannot see ourselves, and I am aware that those whom the world condemns, often shine before those who can see.

Metropolitan College, London, from which Mathers was dropped is presided over by Wm. Westcott, so that accounts for the story of the split between them.

I enclose the sketch sent me, and was much interested in it. It brings with it the psychometric impress of a distinct experience and no wonder you must treasure it highly. Many thanks to you for permitting me to see it. Such intimacies of personal experience are the factors that make for real help along the Path.

In regard to Honorary Membership in your Second Circle of Twelve, I shall consider it an honor which places me under distinct obligations, and I shall consider it a still greater honor if I may be permitted to do something for the Order as you may indicate. I do not care for occult “leaners,” those who join anything under the sun for what they can get OUT of it, not for what they can PUT INTO IT. Let me be of use to you, and be sure that whenever possible to get to Boston again, I shall make it a cardinal point to visit you.

Your letters are an inspiration to me I can frankly say. For years, I have worked with the organizing and structuring end of the Order, and few have I met who had any idea whatever of the REAL ESSENCE which is the motif. Only yourself and a devoted student of Jacob Bohme’s works who lives out in New Jersey got the alchemical truth and concept in the little Christmas booklet which I sent out. That booklet was sent to many of the best known and so called authoritative writers on occult science.

With most cordial and fraternal greetings, and best wishes for your success in completing the OPERATION personally, I am,

Faithfully yours,

George Winslow Plummer