Rosicrucian Healing


by Dr. George Winslow Plummer. A series of lessons dating from 1932-1946.

by Dr. George Winslow Plummer

A series of lessons dating from 1932-1946. “The Rosicrucian practitioner does not rely on prayer and faith alone, essential as he knows them to be. Prayer or faith without works is dead. Therefore, he utilizes both prayer and faith but backs them up by specific action, both on the part of the patient and himself. He does the active work necessary to assist and make manifest the efficacy of prayer.”

Topics include: Introduction to Rosicrucian Healing—The Theory—Practice—Speaking the Word—Habits and Obsessions—Sense and Nonsense in Diets—The Laying on of Hands—Absent Treatment—Old Age—Co-operating with Nature—Demonstrating —Freedom from Bondage.