This is the complete Advanced Level Course – Liber 9: THE SPIRITUAL HEALING SERIES.

Advanced Level Course in Occult Science: Liber 9 – Spiritual Healing Series.

This level consists of 12 lessons, including: 

  1. Introduction to Rosicrucian Healing Principles
  2. The Theory
  3. The Practice
  4. Speaking the Word
  5. Habits and Obsessions
  6. Dietetics (Sense and Nonsense in Diets)
  7. The Laying on of Hands
  8. Absent Treatment
  9. Old Age
  10. Co-operating with Nature
  11. “Demonstrating”
  12. Freedom from Bondage

This is a twelve month subscription. We strongly encourage that students concentrate on thoroughly studying one lesson per month, in order to fully absorb the material presented in each lesson. After each lesson the student is given specific meditative work to do, requiring a few minutes each day.

LIBER 9 contains the final lessons in the ADVANCED COURSE IN OCCULT SCIENCE. 

Certificate of Course Completion for the Advanced Course
Signed Certificates of Course Completion for the Advanced Course are available only to those students who have completed Levels 1-9 of the Associate System Program, and who have requested and completed the required Examinations at the end of each Level.

(For those who do not desire to receive a signed Certificate of Course Completion, all Associate System courses may be still taken by regular subscription.)

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