Various Astrological Articles and Charts


An introduction

Signs of the Zodiac

Zodiacal Signs and their Ruling Planets
Astrological Diagram

Table of Planetary Keywords

Man and the Stars
A diagram

Zodiacal Gems
The Esoterism of the Gems in the High Priest’s Breastplate

Astrology Symbols and Ezekiel’s Wheel

Lilith – The Demon
Mythology and general characteristics of the Earth’s “Black Moon”

Triplicities and Quadruplicities
Diagram depicting operations of the Elements in the Zodiac

What the Stars Indicate
A brief description of the Planets

Astrological and Alchemical Symbolism

To find the Unknown Birth Time of an Individual

Astrological Diagrams
Relating to the Ego and the Various Bodies

Excerpt from an early lesson of the S:.R:.I:.A:. Astrology course

Planetary Strength or Weakness
An Astrological lecture, SRIA, 1928

Regarding Favorable and Unfavorable Aspects
An Astrological article by a member of the Society

The first of a series by Charles A. Logan, 9o – 2o

Precessional Path of the Celestial Poles
Diagram showing Precessional Path and Polar Stars

Astro-Theosophic Chart on the Crucifixion
Diagram from “The Rosicrucians” by Hargrave Jennings

Sign Elements
Compiled by John S. Carpenter, York , PA

The Alchemy of Desire
By Frater Cleo (Metropolitan College), Regarding desire, ego, and the process of attainment

The Zodiacal Cycle of Incarnation
By Arthur Gordon Eames, (C. of the O. London)

Chiromancy (Palmistry) About the Thumb
Brief description of palmisty regarding the Thumb

Astrology of the Crucifixion
Esotericisim  of the Great Drama on Golgotha and Ancient Correspondences

Natal Chart of Dr. W. W. Westcott