Assorted Articles

Lecture for the Portal Degree
Of the Society (1938)

The Inner Man or God Within
What it is, that accomplishes the Phenomenon of Concentration

The Adytum
One of several lectures on the Adytum, which includes the Prayer of Osiris

The Esoteric Aspect of Religion
An article by C. F. R. Seymour

The Esoteric Aspect of Religion
Part II of an article by C. F. R. Seymour

What is Meant by Occultism
Brief explanation

The Sign of Equilibrium
By M:.W:. Edward H. Brown, Grand Master of the Temple of the Rosy Cross

The Measure of Man
By Fr. Paracelsus

The Perfect Number
A short article on the number 7

The Impersonal Self
A short article on the subject

A thesis by Soror Thetis (Metropolitan College)

A Diagram of a Theory of the Cosmos
Article and diagram by Maude S. Pressly

Sapenath Pencah
A description of the Astral Temple

Space and Time
by Saturninus, 9° -2°

Some Ideas on the Fourth Dimension
by Soror E. E. Jones

Dimensional Evolution
Some thoughts on the Fourth Dimension

Rays and Hierarchies
by Helena Folkening

Short Article by Dr. S.G. Eghian

Transmutative Dispassion
Balancing Love and Hate

Those Alchemists – Our Glands
The function of our glands in all aspects and a diagram showing the direction of current on the Path of the Adept

Paragraph Truth
Salient Thoughts in Concise Form for Students

That Murderer – GOSSIP!
An Editorial by Plummer