Art and Symbolism

Artwork and Articles dealing with Specific Symbolism

Henrico Khunrath
Engravings from the Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae in the SRIA Archives.

Art from the Society’s Archives
Various Works created for the Society

Painting of Dr. Plummer

Symbolic Illustrations
By Fr. Laurentius, 0°- 0°, (Mercury, February 23, 1920)

Diagrams of the Society
Some of the diagrams used with the syllabus of higher grades

The Sign of the Fish
Short article on esoteric symbolism of the Fish

The Vesica Piscis
Article with diagrams

A Rosicrucian Prayer Symbol
Brief summary

Rosicrucian Tree of Life
Article with drawing

Symbolism of the Precious Stones
of St. Edward’s Crown