A Rosicrucian Prayer

From “Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians of the 16th and 17th Centuries” by “A Brother of the Fraternity”

Lord from Thy hands cometh all good. All blessings and all benedictions come from Thy hand. With Thy fingers Thou hast written the character of Nature which none may read unless he be taught in Thy school. Therefore let us lift up our eyes to Thee, O Lord, even as servants look upon the hands of their mas­ter and as maids look upon the hands of their mistress, that Thou mayest help us.

O Lord our God, who should not praise Thee, who should not glorify Thee, the King of Glory! For all things come from Thee and hearken unto Thee, and must all return to Thee again, being received either in Thy love or Thy wrath. Nothing can escape Thee, all things must serve Thy honor and glory. Thou alone and none other art the Lord. Thou dost what Thou wilt with Thy mighty arm, nothing can escape Thee.

Thou alone dost help the humble, the meek and the poor, those who are devoted to Thee with all their heart, in their hour of need, those who humble themselves in the dust before Thee, to them Thou art gracious.

Who should not praise Thee, O Thou King of Glory; there is none like unto Thee, whose dwelling place is in heaven and in a troubled and virtuous holy heart. O Great God; Thou all in all! O Nature! thou everything from nothing, what more then shall I say? I am nothing in myself, I am everything in thee, and I live in thine everything from nothing: live Thou then in me, and so bring me unto the all in Thee. Amen.