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 “The Laments of Isis and Nephthys.”
Berlin Papyrus 1425

(Taken from “The Wisdom of the East Series” – “The Burden of Isis”)

Invocation of Isis

Come to thy Temple, come to thy Temple, O An!
Come to thy Temple, for thine enemies are not!
Come to thy Temple!
Lo I, thy sister, love thee – do not thou depart from me!
Behold Hunnu, the beautiful one!
Come to thy Temple immediately – come to thy Temple
immediately! Behold thou my heart which grieveth for thee;
Behold me seeking for thee – I am searching for thee
to behold thee!
Lo, I am prevented from beholding thee –
I am prevented from beholding thee, O An!
It is blessed to behold thee – come to the one who loveth thee!
Come to the one who loveth thee, O thou who art beautiful,
Un-Nefer, dead.
Come to thy sister – come to thy wife
Come to thy wife, O thou who makest the heart to rest.
I, thy sister, born of thy mother, go about to every
temple of thine
Yet thou comest not forth to me;
Gods, and men before the face of the gods, are weeping
For thee at the same time, when they behold me!
Lo, I invoke thee with wailing that reacheth high as heaven –
Yet thou hearest not my voice. Lo I, thy sister, I love thee
More than all the Earth –
And thou lovest not another as thou dost thy sister –
Surely thou lovest not another as thou dost thy sister!


An is the moon god form of Osiris.
Hunnu a sun god form of Osiris.
Un-Nefer a title of Osiris.
Osiris is so named because he is the dispenser of benefits, a form of the
Absolute; one Egyptian dogma makes Osiris to be Hes-iri, which would seem
to mean the “seat of Isis.” (Iamblichus, “The Egyptian Mysteries”).