What the Stars Indicate

A brief Description of the Planets


The Sun, the “Giver of Life,” rules over the individuality and the degree of honor one is likely to enjoy, and one’s relations with the male sex. The good qualities, which it imparts, are dignity, independence, loyalty and honor; the undesirable qualities are vanity, egotism and arrogance. It will be necessary to have a Delineation of the horoscope in order to know which applies to the individual. During the periods when the Sun is afflicted, the vitality is lowered, business is depressed, and dealings with men prove unsatisfactory. When favorably aspected, the health is improved, business can be extended and favors can be courted. By having the Planetary Indications the individual will know when to expect favorable periods or the reverse.

In addition to the regular motion of the various planets in the Zodiac, there is another called the “Periodicity of the Planets.” For instance, once in every nineteen years, the Sun holds the same position that it did in the natal chart. Therefore, the nineteenth year, the thirty-eighth year, etc., will always prove to be very marked epochs in the life of the individual. Events are likely to transpire which will tend to develop the character. It depends, of course, upon each horoscope as to whether these events will bring fortuitous circumstances, which should be taken advantage of, or calamities, which will give one an opportunity to prove one’s mettle and mortal fiber.

The Moon, the “Time Measurer,” which might be compared to the match in the horoscope which sets off the various combinations, is the “Ruler of the Senses” and, when dominant, indicates one is receptive, adaptable and idealistic. Its undesirable qualities are inconstancy, frivolousness and self-indulgence. During the periods when it is afflicted, functional disorders, domestic unhappiness and unsettledness in the home or business are threatened. When favorably aspected, journeys, changes and favors through the public, particularly the masses, are indicated.

Once in every four years the Moon holds the same position as it did in the natal chart. Therefore, every fourth year in the life will be very important, which again will depend upon aspects of the Moon in the natal chart, as to how it will react on the individual.

Mercury, the “Messenger of the Gods,” when strongly placed, indicates versatility, fluency and intellectuality. Its undesirable qualities are meddlesomeness, inquisitiveness and too great shrewdness. During the periods when it is afflicted, mental depression, skepticism, legal complications and too great caution may be experienced. When favorably aspected, benefits through publishers, editors, and greater mental activity are promised.

Every tenth year, Mercury holds the same position as it did at the time of birth; therefore, every decade will be a time of great mental activity, and this, too, will depend upon the aspects to this planet as to how it will work out.

Saturn, the “God of Time,” when strongly placed in the individual horoscope, makes one patient, conservative, conventional and steadfast. Its undesirable qualities are fear, suspiciousness, discontent and a tendency to be too economical. During periods when it is afflicted, one is in danger of having disappointments and suffering through jealousy or enmity. When favorably aspected, undertakings may be brought to a close and one proceeds with prudence. This is the “Celestial School Master” and he chastises in order that one may grow through experience.

Saturn holds the same position that it did at birth once in thirty years; so the same applies to this planet of destiny as to those mentioned above. It does, however, have a very strong effect once in about every seven years.

Uranus, the “God of Invention,” when dignified in the horoscope, imparts originality, intuition and keen insight into human nature. Its undesirable qualities are eccentricity, too great unconventionality, and a spirit of rebellion. During periods when it is operative, the unlooked for and unexpected happens, and it depends on whether it is a favorable or unfavorable aspect as to whether the events are what might be considered fortunate or the reverse. It is an epoch-maker and causes one to enter a larger orbit.

Uranus holds the same position that it did at birth only once in ninety years, but its influence is very strongly felt about every twenty-one years. Therefore, when one reaches the age of twenty-one or thereabouts, and every twenty-one years thereafter, one should look upon these periods as milestones in their destiny, and be very careful of the decisions they make, realizing that they will have a marked effect upon their future.

Neptune, the “Fourth Dimensional Planet,” imparts mysticism, idealism and power of visualization, but has little influence on the material plane. Its undesirable qualities are irresponsibility, danger of having obsessions and of becoming addicted to drugs. During the periods when it is afflicted, one is in danger of suffering from deception, schemers and a desire to attempt to do the impossible, but when favorably aspected it awakens the spiritual forces and one is saved from disaster as if by magic.

Neptune holds the same position that it did at birth once in one hundred and eighty years; so the individual never really gets this same position again in a lifetime, although once in about forty-five years the influence of this mystical planet is very pronounced. It is very generally understood that men do not begin to reach the age of wisdom until they are about forty-five years old; Neptune is doubtless accountable for this.

Venus, the “Goddess of Love and Beauty,” when fortunately placed in the horoscope, makes one affectionate, harmonious, affable, and a lover of color, proportion and the arts. Its undesirable qualities are self-indulgence, too great love of ease, indolence and pleasure. During the periods when it is afflicted, the magnetism is lessened, sensitiveness is increased and friendships are easily broken. When favorably aspected, charm and sociability are accentuated, new friends can be easily made and greater popularity be experienced.

Once in every eight years, Venus holds the same position that it did in the natal chart; therefore, every eighth year is likely to be significant in reference to one’s friendships and affections.

Mars, the “God of War,” which gives force and energy, can be constructive or destructive, in accordance with the use made of it. When it is used constructively the qualities which it imparts are courage, masterful will, physical strength and executive ability. When destructively expressed it results in irritability, combativeness, recklessness and a too stubborn will. During the periods when it is afflicted, accidents, antagonism, enmity and criticism are easily aggravated, but when favorably aspected, courage, ambition and leadership are stimulated.

Mars holds the same position that it did in the natal chart once in every fifteen years, so the same applies here, as above, with reference to affairs ruled by Mars.

Jupiter, the “Greater Fortune,” rules religion, honor, and finance. When it is the dominant force it imparts benevolence, generosity, sincerity and spirituality. Its undesirable qualities are ostentation, fanaticism, wastefulness and lawlessness. During the periods when it is afflicted, financial losses, extravagance, worries, and fire are threatened. When favorably aspected it increases one’s chances of having “luck,” often bringing honor, spiritual enlightenment, influence and gratified ambition.

Jupiter holds the same position as at birth once in every twelve years; so every twelfth year should be one of opportunities, even though aspects of an adverse character happen to be operating in the individual horoscope at the same time.

It would be well to give a little thought as to what constitutes life, its purpose, and how each year brings its blessings and disappointments. A year of nothing but sunshine, with no rain or cloudy days would not only become very monotonous but also all life would wither up and die. So in one’s life, if a whole year passed with nothing but happy and fortunate conditions, it would get very dull and be very non-productive from a serious point of view. On the other hand, a year, which brought only sorrow and misfortune, with no alleviating conditions, would be unbearable; but a wise Providence has so ordained that either case in extreme can never happen.

Every planet in the horoscope has a direct bearing on different departments in the life; during each year, favorable and unfavorable aspects between the various planets operate at the same time. For instance, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury may all stir the vibrations of the Sun during some part of the year. Uranus may cause one to enter a larger sphere of life, Saturn may indicate a death, Jupiter may bring an inheritance, and Mercury may cause a change or bring about a journey. Life would be too simple and uninteresting were it not for the variety of good and ill fortune, which sooner or later falls to the lot of all. The difference between a Napoleon and a weakling is largely a matter of the experiences which life has brought to each, and the use that has been made of them. There is no royal road to wisdom. The wise man cooperates with his stars, and the fool thinks he rules them.

“Fortune at some hour to all is kind;
The lucky have whole days which still they choose;
The unlucky have but hours
And those they loose.”