What is Rosicrucianism


ROSICRUCIANISM is a system of study, an attitude of mind, and a way of life.

Its SUBJECT is MAN: his relation, as an individual and as a race, to God and the Universe.

Its OBJECT is the improvement of Man as an Expression of God.

Its GOAL is the perfection of Man in earthly experience and the furthering of his progress to higher worlds as a conscious creator with God.

Its INSPIRATION derives from the ancient wisdom of many people, especially Hermeticism and Mystical Christianity, as revivified in the 15th century by Christian Rosencreutz and broadened by the discoveries of modern times.

Its METHOD is a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy, including all that Man feels within himself as God, and all that Man senses without himself as the Universe.

Its TEACHINGS emphasize the Unity of all things in One Infinite Intelligence; the continuity of all life; the ability of Man to attain knowledge of higher worlds while yet incarnate; the necessity of reincarnation in the present stage of Man’s evolution; and the healing of sickness of body, mind or estate through spiritual power.

Its RESULT in its faithful followers is an increased experience of the Love and Wisdom of God; greater Liberty and Happiness in earthly existence; and a better preparation for the intervals between incarnations.

“MAN, KNOW THYSELF; if that which thou seekest thou dost not find within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.”