Transmutative Dispassion

By Rt. Wor. Fr. Firmus IX° (Metropolitan College)


The reason for our studies in Dispassion is shown in the following:

Man is subject to haphazard emotionalism so long as he swings from opposite to opposite in unfixed vacillation.

For illustration, the unit of emotion, which is polarized as Love and Hate, is taken.

The Rosicrucian realizes that the slave to Love is just as unhappy as the slave to Hate. Hence he seeks to remove himself from either extreme, from even the slightest differentiation.

He seeks to function in the “I” consciousness, as the neutral balancing point of dispassion.

When this acquired state of perfect poise has brought mastery over the opposites, the Ego bends the pole to its Will, unites the extremes, turns the “Rod” into a Circle, (the Serpent’s
tail in its mouth) and further detaches the operative seat of consciousness by returning to the center of dispassion.

Here, with conscious volition, the Ego can at will shift the point of contact wherever it is necessary for the purpose of experience. He can dispassionately transmute the oscillating
dualities of passion, and can rise even above the plane of Dispassion and transform the circle into a spiral of constantly ascending progression.