To Members of the Alchemical Section

(Mercury – June 21, 1920)



The following lines formed the substance of a letter from Ill. Fr. Saturninus, 9°-2°, to the Editor, and as they develop some radically new concepts of value to all fellow students, they are printed “for the benefit of the Craft at Work.” Ed.

In my humble judgement, the question in A:.S:. No. 3, as follows: “And may not death be the ultimate ejection of this physical core from the center of the vortex, that the higher vehicles may in turn attain more definite form and structure?” is not a mere theoretical concept that promotes controversy.

It is not a speculative theory, but a definite, scientific fact; and well supported by Astrology, if I understand the nature and qualities of the planets.

Astrologically, the Sun represents Spirit. It is the Zodiacal Ego, of which each human Ego is an emanation, and IN which it has its Being.

The Sun, (Solar God), is Electric or Positive Fire. The human Ego is the same in Nature.

Astrologically the Moon is chemically convertive, integrative, metamorphic and assimilative in action. Its planetary expression implies bondage to matter, thraldom of flesh, or fate.

The Sun is vital Heat. The Moon is radical moisture. Fire and Water, opposing or opposite poles of the celestial dynamo. The Sun is the sperm. The Moon is the matrix.

Astrologically, these Luminaries focus their rays upon the Ascendant, which represents the physical expression of the Ego. We have then, Body, Soul and Spirit, Ascendant. Moon and Sun, Ascendant the physical organism, the Moon the Higher vehicles, and the Sun, the Spirit, striving for liberation from both.

So with this analogy, it is easy to realize the fact that the Ego, in re-incarnation or taking successive dips into dense or physical organisms, does so for the purpose of transforming and transmuting the essence of the physical body into material with which it can and does fashion more highly organized and perfected Etheric, Astral and Mind Vehicles.

The Ego in its return journey toward re-birth in a physical body, gathers, in the Region of Concrete Thought, the Essence of Mind Matter; and in the Astral World, the Essence of Astral Matter; and in the Etheric Region the Essence of Etheric Matter; SUFFICIENT to form the nuclei for the separate, corresponding vehicles in the fetus; and when the physical body is born, and the Ego begins to operate on the physical plane, its chief occupation is, or should be, the transformation and transmutation of the ESSENCE of the physical organism into sublimated matter which it uses to improve, or should use to improve, the higher vehicles. And, in exact proportion to this transformation and transmutation of the ESSENCE of the physical organism into refined and sublimated matter, the Ego is enabled to extract spiritual nourishment and sustenance, therefrom.

When, (in the course of a natural period of physical expression), the Ego has succeeded in transforming and transmuting ALL the available ESSENCE of the physical organism into sublimated matter, and has built it into the higher vehicles; then the physical organism, being naught but a dried and useless “core,” (dried by the SOULAR FIRE, extracting MOISTURE as NOURISHMENT), is cast off by the Ego; is disintegrated and in the disintegrating process is re-charged with “moisture” to be given up to some other “Absorbing Fire.”

The Ego, on its return to re-birth, gathers in each Region, ESSENCE, in exact proportion and quality to that of the vehicles discarded on its journey from the Chemical Region to the Region of Abstract Thought.

When the Ego has succeeded in transforming and transmuting ALL the ESSENCE of physical nature into sublimated matter, and has built it into its higher vehicles, it is then a MASTER and further incarnation in the physical body is unnecessary.