To Find the Unknown Birth Time of an Individual

Formula of F. A. Kelsey, New York City (1927)

  1. Treat the matter as a horary question and record the time the question is raised by the inquirer or yourself, add to this time four minutes and six seconds.
  2. Look for the M.C. governed by the question time.
  3. Note the M.C. of the question time itself (that is without the 4 minutes 6 seconds).
  4. Determine the face on the M.C. and from that determine the 2 ½° position of the Ruler and take the proportion that the Ruler is to the 2 ½° division to the whole of the Sign.
  5. Determine the Right Ascension of the selected M.C.
  6. Add to or subtract from said M.C. the time before or after noon on which the question was raised. Subtract before noon and add if afternoon, the result of which will give the Right Ascension of the Radical Sign in degrees, minutes and seconds, thus giving the month, day and time of birth.

Natives born with Sun in even Signs work best at night after 8:00 PM.
Those born in odd Signs, best in daytime, early morning.

The Sign of the House is the foundation on which you build; the Decan is the foundation underlying it and the House Rulership is deeper under the soil.