The Second Affirmation

By Saturninus, 9°-2°


“We affirm the incarnation of Spirit in visible form or matter to be for the purpose of experience.”

The question naturally arises: Experience in what?

By carefully noting the activities of human kind, we observe that in whatsoever field of endeavor the individual units may function, the object sought may be summed up in three counts:

1. Organization
2. Reproduction
3. Government

Descending the scale into the lower kingdoms, we note the same operation being carried on by the respective Group Spirits in control.

We observe that animals, under spiritual guidance, first organize their forces, then reproduce, and then in a measure govern the offspring.

In the plant kingdom we observe the same method is employed in that the forces are organized by the supervising Group Spirit preparatory to reproduction, then reproduction takes place, followed by a system of government in growth and development. By careful observation, we may note the same Law in operation in the mineral kingdom.

“As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above.”

Reasoning then from evident analogy, the occultist readily comprehends the Cosmic processes of Involution and Evolution. How by the one, Cosmic Root Substance, void of experience is crystallized in Matter, the opposite pole of Spirit. Also, how, by the other, Matter is sublimated ultimately into Cosmic Root Substance, laden with experience.

At each in-breathing of the Absolute, that which we term Matter, or the Forms in which the One Life is Manifest, is broken up, disintegrated and sublimated ultimately into Cosmic Root Substance with experience.

When the Cosmic Night or Period of Rest is finished, and the experience gained in the previous incarnation has been assimilated and plans for extended Work based upon that experience have been formulated, the Great Bosom again out-breathes, and the SAME Cosmic Root Substance or Spirit reincarnates “for the purpose of experience,” using as a basis for future experiments in organization, reproduction and government, the ripe experience of past incarnations.

All progress in the building of Cosmos is the result of “Experience by Experiment.” Yea, God and the gods experiment and thus improve in organizing, reproductive and governing ability. “As Above, So Below.”