The Rosy Cross

(The ROSICRUCIAN Brotherhood – October, 1907)



To the Magi nothing is unknown, and they claim superiority and rank over all others, as Moses, Aaron, Hermes, Hiram, and others did.

To the Magistri are assigned the three principal sciences in a perfect degree.

The Adepti Exempti are acquainted with the philosophic stone, commonly called the Philosopher’s Stone; also with the Kabbalah and natural magic.

The Majores posses the Lapidem mineralem, or magnet.

The Minores are instructed in the nature of the philosophical sun, and thereby perform marvelous cures.

The Philosophi are acquainted with botany, natural history, and other branches of science.

The Practici are inured to hardship, and find from other sources the essential forces in the form of coin, which govern any body of men. They are invested with knowledge of chaos, not perhaps a very desirable acquisition.

The Theoreci are engaged, like many others, in that frightful hunt symbolized in Der Freischutz, where the wild huntsman comes along – the realization of gold without labour.

Of the Juniores, it is only necessary to be said that they are learners, more or less diligent according to capacity.

If students of Rosicrucianism would be content to adopt symbolical interpretations, they would progress in what is really pleasing in the science.