The Magnum Opus

justitia_Ain Sophc

Every member of the Rosicrucian Brotherhood in the United States should feel a personal and proprietary interest in the symbol shown herewith, for the correct interpretation of it was the final incident in the establishment of fraternal relations with the Brotherhood in England.

It is a symbol pertaining to the Ninth Degree, and of course its real exegesis cannot be given in print, or outside of that Degree.

It forms one of the Landmarks of the progress of Rosicrucianism in America, however, and is already one of the most valued treasures in our archives.

For these reasons it is appropriate that it should be given mention here, in connection with the chronology of the Order, and furthermore, it is hoped that it will form a subject for deep meditation on the part of those who hope to accomplish what it represents.

We can state most positively, that any time devoted to its study will be well worth while, especially to those who are striving to advance esoterically. We will also state that it is a subject for the deepest thought, not simply for speculation.

The cut is a reduced facsimile of the original sent to London in April 1913, except that the original was engrossed in full colors and gold, with the correct tinctures and chromatic gradations.

This symbol would be a good one for us all to keep in mind and note the results of carefully formulated opinions.


“I sought and found, I purified (it) often,
I mixed (it) and caused (it) to mature.
The Golden Tincture was the result;
It is called the Center of Nature;
The Origin of all Thought,
And of all books of men and various figures.
I acknowledge freely, it is a panacea
For all the Metals.
The weak ones, (in the constitution of man)
And a point which originated from God.”

Harmannus Datichus