The 0=0 Signs

(Document excerpt from Collection C, Item no. 6b, Alpha et Omega)

The Signs and Words in which the Neophyte is instructed are of far more importance than is often realized – they are far from being mere conventional forms. To give the Signs properly you must always remember to give firmly the step forward with the left foot. The hands are then raised and thrust out in front of you level with the eyes. You are told that this is a sign of groping in the darkness; it is that and a great deal more besides. It is an Occult Sign of great power, and is a sign of the radiating out of force.

In circumambulations round the Temple that sign is made  when passing the throne of the East, but as one cannot go on projecting will power for long, the second sign or Sign of Silence is made (left forefinger upon lower lip). These circumambulations make a circle of power round the Temple, and the reverse circumambulation at the close of the ceremony radiates this power to the outer world. Each ceremony therefore affects those outside who are seeking for Light and brings them sooner or later into contact with someone in the Order who may be able to help them.

At the Mystic Repast the Sign should be made towards the Altar and not towards the person opposite, and it is the latter who makes in answer the Sign of Silence. This Repast is a symbol of Union, a bond of Brotherhood. We are but a chain of links, and as a chain is but as strong as its weakest link, let us, undivided in our aspirations, strive to be a center of Light, which will shine in the outer world. Let us make our center, which is but one of the many Temples of the Order, a steadfast beacon to relieve the outer gloom.