A Thesis
By Soror Thetis
(Collegiate member, Metropolitan College)
©Societas Rosicruciana in America

Synchronization or the establishing of a harmonious interaction between the psychic organs or centers in the physical body and the higher attributes of mind and spirit, is the only way of obtaining true spiritual development. In no other way can the aspirant hope to realize consciousness on the higher planes, or the ability to function in those unseen worlds, which is the aim of all earnest students of occultism.

To raise the rate of vibration of all the various bodies which constitute man, until they vibrate in harmony with the higher mental and spiritual forces, will develop a spiritual power that will not only revivify the physical organism, with renewed energy and magnetism, but the pineal gland and the pituitary body will awaken as well and once active they will make possible the consciousness in the higher planes.

To bring about this perfect harmonization, requires constant and conscientious effort, it requires in fact, a daily practice which includes all the various vehicles or bodies and this sort of a daily practice if faithfully followed will raise the vibratory rate of all the vehicles simultaneously, until they vibrate in harmony. When that harmony is attained the operation of the higher forces is not limited to the inadaptability of the various vehicles through which they manifest. Then will the body become a perfect instrument for the manifestation of the spirit, and that is the purpose of synchronization.

In any consideration of Man, we must start with the outward visible body and proceed inwardly, just as all spiritual developments must start with the physical body, and there is a deep psychic reason which makes this method of procedure necessary. The Ego in the process of reincarnating attracts to itself the various bodies that encase it, and the physical is the last one it requires, so logically all efforts to obtain perfect harmonization and an awakened Ego, must start with the physical and proceed inwardly to that Ego or spark of the divine.

No one world is finer than another, but the various worlds differ in density and gravity and consequently in their vibratory rate and the same thing holds good in relation to the bodies.

The physical body, the visible part of Man, is formed as we know, of solids, liquids and gases; a structure composed of atoms. Atoms in a state of constant vibration! To raise the rate of vibration of the physical body, means to raise the rate of vibration of each individual atom. When the vibratory rate of an atom is raised, the balance of the actual cell structure itself becomes changed.

The solids of the body are maintained by the food we eat; the liquids (including the blood) by the water we drink; the gases (or breath) by the air we breathe, hence it will at once be apparent, how necessary it is to exercise care in the selection of these. We should choose such foods as will not only nourish the body and the cells that compose it but also harmonize in vibration with them.

For instance, meat being the flesh of animals, which in their state or kingdom are beneath Man and vibrate at a lower rate, cannot be considered a helpful food for one desiring to raise the rate of his cellular vibrations. The foods best suited to maintain and raise the cellular vibrations of Man are the purely vegetable products of nature. In the matter of drinking, water should be taken freely, for water furnishes the body with the necessary liquids, even to the extent of adding to the blood supply. Besides this, it contains a large amount of Vril, or divine life-force which it transmits to the cells.

Regarding stimulating drinks, it must be said that they are disastrous in their effect on the person trying to establish a harmonious rhythm between the vehicles, for the inevitable result of such temporary unnatural stimulus to increased vibration of the physical organism, is a reaction which leaves the organism in a much lower state of vibration. Not only must care be used in the selection of food and drink, but the functions of the body must be maintained in harmony; such functions as the assimilation and excretion of foods which operate through the Etheric Body; for if the process of excretion for example is hampered and the waste matter is not eliminated from the body, the vibratory rate of the cells is lowered in consequence and they cannot respond as readily to the impulses received from the higher worlds. This process of excretion is carried on in several different ways. Not only through the functions of the intestines or the kidneys but through the pores of the skin as well, through the medium of perspiration, hence the need of daily physical exercise followed by daily bathing to exhilarate this process. Added to these, pure fresh air, which through the lungs, enters the blood and keeps up that divine fire or bodily heat which maintains the vibration of the cells.

This suggests even as material a thing as clothing, which also has its effect, for if the body is insufficiently covered and cold as a result, its rate of vibration is lowered, and likewise if too heavily clad the vibratory rate is raised to a higher degree.

The Astral body which functions through the Astral or Desire region with its seven sub-regions familiar to all occultists, supplies the impulses or desires which animate the physical body, and if any one body can be said to be more important than another, the Astral might be considered so, for it is the connecting link between the physical world and the still higher worlds such as the world of thought, and the world of Spirit. Desire stuff exists through its seven sub-divisions as material or substance for the embodiment of desires; desires, wishes and feelings express themselves in matter of the desire world as form expresses itself in the physical. Thus to express and put into form those desires, wishes and feelings, and register them in the physical the Astral must necessarily have a body or vehicle through which to function; and it has. It has a body composed of cells like the physical, but cells of a much finer and more etheric nature; cells which vibrate at a far greater rate of speed, it is in fact vibrating constantly in a state of unceasing rapidity. In it are located the twelve psychic centers through which the higher Cosmic forces affect the corresponding organs in the physical body. Thus it will be seen how important it is to raise the rate of vibration of the physical cells, by the daily practices previously described so that they will vibrate in harmony with those of the Astral body, thus making it possible for the Astral body to register its desires and feelings more perfectly. Then obviously the next step to be taken is to raise the vibrations of the Astral itself. The seven divisions of the Astral region are divided as we know into two worlds of three divisions each, the lower and the higher worlds of the Astral, and a central or neutral region between these two known as the region of feelings.

Both of these worlds are dominated by the two great forces of attraction and repulsion. And this neutral region, or region of feelings, may be said to be the point of balance or focusing point, for here interests or indifference towards an idea or thought sways the balance in favor of either one or the other of these forces, thus directing the idea or thought to the three higher or the three lower regions of the Desire world or else they will expel it. In the three higher regions of the desire world, the force of attraction alone holds sway. It is also present in the lower regions where it works against the law of repulsion which is dominant there. From this central region of the desire world comes the incentive to action or the decision to refrain therefrom. Interest starts the forces of Attraction or Repulsion, indifference simply withers the idea or thought against which it is directed. Thus will be apparent the necessity for a decided, positive attitude of interest towards an idea or a desire, whether that interest generates attraction or repulsion. If the feeling with which we meet the impression of an idea is one of decided and positive interest, the idea or desire will grow and flourish in our lives. If our interest in an idea or desire generates repulsion that must also be strong and positive enough to cause us to expurgate from our desire body any connection with the idea or object which aroused it. When the feeling of interest arouses the forces of attraction and it is directed towards the low objects and desires, these work themselves out in the lower regions of the Astral World. When interest arouses the same forces of attraction and it is directed towards higher objects and desires these work themselves out in the higher regions of the desire world.

Thus it will be seen how important is the feeling we have concerning anything for upon that depends the nature of the atmosphere we create for ourselves. In other words the strength of the desire or the force of the feeling with which it is focused on the higher or the lower region of the Astral World arouses into activity the corresponding vibrations. In the lower Astral World we have the region of Passion and low desires, the region of Impression ability, and the region of wishes. Through these regions the senses manifest; in them are born the lower attributes of man, such as selfishness and the desire for abnormal and material sensations.

These regions are not made of the finer desire stuff of the higher Astral Regions, but they can be transmuted or changed in their nature until they harmonize with those of the higher Astral World. This is accomplished by raising the rate of their vibrations. In practice this is possible by directing all desires upward so that they work themselves out in the higher regions of the Astral, then those qualities will radiate through the lower regions and in turn manifest in the physical. In those higher Astral regions are the region of Soul Life, region of Soul Light, and region of Soul Power. In these are born Art, Altruism, Reverence, Aspirations and in fact all the activities of the higher Soul Life.

To bring about this harmonious vibration between the various regions of the Astral and become conscious of those finer soul qualities and make them a part of our lives, means a daily effort. It means to meet all desires with a positive attitude of mind, and, if they be of a low base nature, do not let them attract to themselves others of a like nature, but with a positive strong feeling of repulsion force them out of your consciousness. The way to accomplish that expulsion is to immediately substitute with a thought of some higher, more spiritual nature, one that has its origin on the higher planes of the Astral. If the thoughts that enter be of a finer nature, entertain them, put them into action, and they will set into operation the forces of attraction and draw unto themselves other of a like nature, until the whole desire body is raised in vibratory nature and its various vibrations perfectly harmonized.

All the practices connected with the physical and the Astral bodies, which are so closely connected, must be performed with regularity for regularity, which is another term for “Rhythm” will make these practices register in the sub-conscious and once they become well registered there, the repeated effort along the same channels will greatly assist the process of harmonization. It will rhythmically set into vibration the relative cells that are being acted upon. This must not be confused with habit. By habit is meant the mere mechanical repetition of a thought or act, unaccompanied by a real active desire. Habit in itself is not a bad thing when dealing with the functions of the cells, for the majority being negative in their polarity, respond readily to habit, thus it is helpful and will have its effect. But to make any real progress, every single effort, whenever made, must be strengthened or reinforced so to speak, by a positive strong desire, for upon the strength of the desire will depend the actual change in the vibratory nature of the cells themselves and the harmony of the interaction between them.

The power of thought must be brought to bear in all these practices, for this creates active desire, and an active desire stimulates and produces active processes of change. The operations of this world of thought will be explained in detail later, but it will be evident from what has already been said, just how important it is to keep constantly exercising this power of thought. For instance, try to keep in mind while following these practices, the thought that your cells are vibrating in harmony and therefore, harmony will result. Especially when indulging in deep thinking is this particularly effective. Think, as you inhale every breath, “with this breath I am taking into my body harmony, divine harmony, the harmony of the Cosmos, and this harmony will enter every cell of my being causing it to vibrate in unison with it”. If these practices are followed faithfully, the results of this higher vibration of the cells will manifest visibly in the physical body. Its condition will improve; it will be revivified and magnetized anew. Another change that will manifest itself is an increased keenness of the senses. With the raising of the cellular vibrations one becomes more sensitive to impressions, and thus our enjoyment of the things contacted through the senses becomes greater. Even the functions of the physical organism register in the consciousness and we begin to understand the processes of nature and acquire knowledge of the body and its functions. Having acquired this knowledge of the bodily functions we are better able to assist in regulating them and in that way materially help in raising the body’s vibratory nature and bringing about perfect harmony.

It has already been stated that the twelve psychic centers are located in the astral body. To awaken these centers is a most necessary step in any effort to obtain the ability to function on those unseen planes. All efforts in this direction must start with the Solar Plexus. It is the center which receives the Solar Energy from the Sun and transmits it to those other centers, so it must be awakened first, and its vibratory rate increased. It must vibrate so that one becomes conscious of its activities. This is accomplished by a daily concentration on it, and added to that, if possible, the practice of exposing that portion of the body in which it is located, to the direct rays of the Sun, for some little time each day, holding the thought at the same time, that this center is being filled with divine energy. That as a result, its vibratory nature is being changed and raised, so that it will be able to absorb a greater amount of divine energy and harmony and send it along to those other centers in the astral body. In this way the astral body itself becomes finer in nature and is raised in its vibratory rate.

When we consider the fact that the higher regions of the Astral World are called the First Heaven, that it is the region where soul forces are contacted, we will realize that the only true joy and the only real happiness lies in these regions and in raising the vibratory nature of the desire body in harmony with those higher regions, so that all the experiences of life contacted through the desire body, (and this body of course controls every act and its expression) will be manifested in those higher regions. Then will we know the feeling of exaltation which results from contacting the divine side of every experience life holds. This truth amplifies the saying, so familiar to all, that “Man makes his own heaven or his own hell.” If we allow our desires to manifest continually in only the lower regions of the Astral, and give ourselves up to these desires and let them control us, without the influence of the higher regions, the result will be a veritable hell. If, on the other hand, we aspire to keep our desires on a higher plane, so that they manifest only through the higher regions, then can we realize the fulfillment of ideals; experience the divine nature of all things and make of this life a veritable heaven.

The region of thought, the next higher world, (the words “higher world” mean the world or region, which is still finer in vibratory nature than the Astral) is the central plane or world of the five worlds through which man obtains his vehicles. It is the connecting line between the Spirit and the Body, and like the Astral World, it is divided into seven sub-regions. A central one which acts as the focusing point between the two higher and lower regions, known as the region of Abstract Thought and the Region of Concrete Thought. This focus point is the Mind, which utilizes the ‘Soular’ bodies because it is as yet unorganized as a body. This region of concrete thought furnishes the mind-stuff through which ideas generated in the higher or abstract region, can manifest as thought forms and act as regulators upon the desires and impulses that arise in the astral body. All the regions of the world of Abstract Thought are reflected in the Astral World, through the Mind. This creates desire, so upon the nature of the thought, depends the nature of the desire.

By the power of will we project an idea through the Mind, where it takes on a thought form (through the mind-stuff furnished it by the region of Concrete Thought) and is then projected upon the desire body, where it arouses feelings which lead to acts. In accordance with the vibratory nature of the thoughts will be the consequent vibrations in the astral body. This explains the processes of the Thought World, and emphasizes its power and effectiveness if properly exercised, as before described. It will impress upon us the great potency of spiritual thoughts, and the daily need for exercising the will in the direction of this higher mind, or World of Abstract Thought. It is the region of human spirit, the abode of the highest spiritual forces known to man. In this way can Spirit actually reflect itself in the physical; here the value of meditation becomes apparent, for to dwell in thought on the spiritual nature of all things will set into vibration the higher spiritual phases of mind and bring those spiritual forces to bear on the physical.

Once they become active they will attract to themselves, others of a like nature and being in their nature divine and vibrating in perfect harmony with the very Absolute itself, they will reflect and manifest that perfect harmony through all the vehicles of man. This is to think in the Spirit.

Thoughts are things, and are transferred upon the Ether from one mind to another. Thus we are constantly surrounded by the thought forms projected upon us by numerous other entities. These thought forms operate in accordance with the laws of attraction, so our minds will attract to themselves the kind of thoughts which they generate. If those thoughts are of a finer vibratory nature, they will attract others of the same nature and thus the vibratory rate of the mind body will be raised to a higher degree. When we realize that thoughts of a lower vibratory nature are also being constantly projected upon us, it will be most apparent how necessary it is to raise the vibratory nature of the mind body to such a degree that only thoughts of a higher nature can take root in it.

This censorship is the duty of the will, and emphasizes the need of bringing the will to bear upon all images that present themselves to the mind. If they are of a vibratory nature that will tend to raise the vibrations of the desire body, they should not be allowed to take form in the mind, but by a strong effect of the will they should be expelled and thus prevented from arousing any feelings of a like nature in the desire body. This practice is one which requires considerable effort but its daily observance will do much towards bringing about that harmony of vibration between the vehicles, for the mind as has been already stated, is the mirror of the spirit, through it does the spirit reflect itself. As it is the connecting link between the higher spiritual forces and the three-fold body, to raise its vibratory nature will make it a more perfect instrument for the use of the spirit in bringing about that harmony between the various vehicles.

Right here it might be well to explain the true nature of concentration, and emphasize its value. When we consider that the world of thought is the actual connecting link between spirit and body, and that when the force of the will is exercised upon the mind-stuff it is being applied to substance which is divine in its nature, it is a very part of the Cosmos. So if we really concentrate, which means to hold one thought in the mind to the exclusion of all else, it sets into operation or vibration those Cosmic forces and that brings the aspirant in direct contact with the Cosmos or Universal Mind. That is why it has always been said of concentration that its results are almost unlimited, for it opens up the universe and all that it holds to man, and as we also know the universe is boundless.

Thus to concentrate in a positive constructive way on any subject or thought must bring about definite results. When this concentration is applied daily upon the subject of harmony, we can readily see how it would soon bring about that perfect harmony, the harmony of the Universal Mind, of the Cosmos itself, and have its effect on every vehicle of man right down to the physical. If the lower vehicles have already been raised in their vibratory rate, they can then better register these higher Cosmic vibrations.

We cannot over-emphasize the injunction, to keep the mind under control of the spirit, in other words “Think in the Spirit.” The World of Thought is so vast and far reaching in its influence that we can but touch on it lightly here. But the phase of its activity with which we are chiefly concerned is its use as an instrument of the spirit in bringing into existence or emanating the soul.

Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, and Sympathy are among other spiritual grades of matter used in building souls, just as hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, etc., are used in building the physical body. This soul has not a vehicle or body. It is extracted from the physical body, by the spirit. In all these processes the idea of trinity is manifested. The triune nature of Man. The Spirit is triune in its nature being divided into three worlds or regions, the World of Spirit-self, the World of Life-spirit, and the Spirit-Man. This three-fold Spirit emanates the three-fold dense body – the dense, the etheric, and the astral. From these is extracted a three-fold soul – the self conscious, the intellectual and the emotional soul. Each of these three spiritual regions acts directly upon one of the three bodies that compose the physical. The region of divine spirit emanates the dense body, the region of life-spirit emanates the etheric or vital body, and the region of human spirit emanates the desire body. Thus the quality of the soul which is extracted will depend upon the fineness, or the vibratory nature of those lower vehicles through which it is extracted; upon the vibratory nature of the mind, the desire body, the etheric, and the dense body itself.

Initiation, one of the necessary steps towards the attainment of at-one-ment, is the raising of the soul to a higher state of consciousness, or the raising of its vibratory nature until it harmonizes with those even higher and finer phases of actual spirit, until it reflects those spiritual forces.

When we consider, for instance, that the dense body itself, is this same, spirit crystallized, and only vibratory at a lower rate, we obtain a slight concept, of how unlimited is this law of vibration. How it governs and controls everything from the most minute atom of apparently inert matter, up through the various kingdoms, to the human and through human or Man, to the Spirit and the very Absolute.

Having gained this concept we can readily understand how vast and unlimited are the possibilities which are ours, if we earnestly strive to attain a real knowledge of this vibration and endeavor to instill its higher manifestation into our vehicles. There, to harmonize those vibrations until all in perfect unison, will lead to consciousness on those higher, unseen planes and to actual at-one-ment with the Divine or Absolute.

This atonement means the consciousness of a fully awakened Ego, which as has already been stated is a spark of the Divine, differentiated in its evolutionary progress as the Ego. All spiritual development has as its object, the awakening of this Ego, the making it master, so that it controls every manifestation of the body, which is its temporary habitation, and the instrument through which it acquires its necessary experiences. The three-fold spirit might be called the vehicle of the Ego.

The Ego rises to a higher state of its being and consequently to a higher rate of vibration when it centers its activities on what it has gained for itself out of the knowledge of objective things which it contacts through the mind. It is by means of this activity that the Ego detaches itself more and more from the objects of perception in order to work within, upon that which is its own. This work devolves on the intellectual soul. The intellectual soul works with that which it receives through the sense impressions of outward objects of which it retains the memory. Thus even what it has made its own through memory it has actually received from without, hence the necessity for raising the vibratory nature of all the vehicles through which it receives its impressions.

In this manner do we conquer what lies hidden in our lower soul principles. If we endeavor to raise the nature of our desires, by withdrawing from certain lower tendencies and turning to the higher ones, we thereby work from our Ego upon our Soul, so as to spiritualize it and raise its vibratory balance, until it becomes a more perfect instrument of the Ego.

The Ego, that individualized spark of the Divine, is the only lasting, permanent part of man. It is that part which survives from incarnation to incarnation. Thus in raising its vibratory nature, awakening it, and accomplishing its at-one-ment with the Absolute, not only is its influence greater in this one particular life experience, but the progress made, the perfection it has acquired is carried on from this incarnation into others yet to come. This makes us realize the almost incomprehensible results of raising the vibratory nature of all our vehicles and bringing about that harmonious interaction between them. Not only is our progress assured thereby, but, once the Ego becomes fully awakened and conscious of its atonement with the Absolute – and we have acquired as a result that consciousness on the higher planes. We can contact those higher powers and bring them to bear in our lives, and use them in helping others to acquire that same consciousness.

Once the Ego recognizes itself as part of the Absolute, it absorbs that Divinity, – fills the body and all its vehicles with it, until that body, its temporary habitation, radiates that same Divinity, sends it from that body making it an influence for good. In this way, even unconsciously perhaps, do we become instruments of the Absolute and assist in the great Cosmic scheme of things. In the same way do we also fulfill our duty in becoming a part of the great Universal Brotherhood of Man.

As a symbol of such an ultimate we can find none better, than our own beautiful and sacred Rose-Cross.

If we consider its horizontal crossbar as the physical body in its entirety, – and the upright perpendicular bar as the higher spiritual forces constantly operating through the physical body, then the point of intersection will symbolize that physical body – raised in its vibratory nature until it vibrates in harmony with the spiritual, and the divine influence is being realized . Then the full bloom rose at this point on the Cross, will be symbolical of that fully awakened Ego. Its petals being the many-fold soul that the spirit has extracted from the physical body, and its head or center, that divine, everlasting spark. The rays emanating from this point will be a symbol penetrating all space, a veritable light of the world.

If we live this life, if we think, speak and act, at all times in the power of the spirit, we shall coordinate the functions and activities of both our bodily organs, and our higher spiritual forces so synchronously as to equalize the development of both and then will be accomplished the synchronization of triune Man – Physical, Mental and Spiritual.