Symbolic Illustrations

By Fr. Laurentius, 0°- 0°, (Metropolitan)
(Mercury, February 23, 1920)

We present herewith some original ideas expressed in symbolism by Frater Laurentius, who for nearly two years has been carrying on his studies in St. Louis and the West. Especially do we recommend those relating to the Vesica Piscis for consideration.

Many who become Rosicrucian students occupy much time in attempting to formulate a correct concept of the abstraction of Time and Space, and the following diagram represents one idea of the inclusion of all involutionary and evolutionary process in the eternal NOW. Those members of the Fraternity who are particularly interested in this subject will find great advantage in studying as far as any data in connection therewith is possible, the theories embodies by Prof. Einstein in his essays concerning the Law or Doctrine of Relativity. In this diagram the endless cycles of progress and human activity reveal Man as merely a temporary expression of the constantly developing Spiritual Emanations of the Divine Hierarchies and the Absolute. (The Editor of Mercury would be glad to receive further developments of the symbolic diagram presented herewith, and to avoid any possibility of creating definite suggestions, will refrain from further comment at this time).


The Vesica Piscis

The pointed oval is one of the most prominent features to be found throughout the whole domain of Nature. The Human Face is oval, the Eye also, and many other anatomical features will be found similarly expressed. Its formation takes us to the very beginning of things.

As one cannot be subdivided, it can only be increased by reflection. Beginning with 1, the point by reflection becomes 2 (Fig. 1) and continuing this reflection the projection of 1 and 2 at right angles will produce 3 and 4. (Fig. 2)


The 4 cannot again become 1, and so projected or reflected at right angles produce 5, 6 and 7. Thus 1 has become 7 and we have the Pointed Oval or Cosmic Egg. (Fig. 3)


The Oval by similar reflection or projection gives us the figure composed of 4 Ovals interlacing and forming the complete circle in their united movements, and the completed process gives us 12 points grouped around the central point and making the mystic 12 and the 13. The ovals have made one continuous line from the original point and back. The point has expanded and become 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7, and 13; formed a cross and is a complete expanded or multiplied ONE. (Fig. 4)


Now applying our Pointed Oval to higher concepts (Fig. 5). Before the Beginning, was simply the ONE, the UNITY, – in Chaos. Nothingness, Non-Existence, Formless and Timeless, yet in its latency, the Order that should eventually come out of Chaos. In due process, the ONE from No-Thing becomes by projection, the many. All Forms from no Form. All seeming Time from No-Time. The Illusion or Reflection from the Real and the Original. Light from Darkness, UN-Consciousness to ALL-Consciousness.


The first aspect then, is POWER. Power must have application or act. From Power therefore, is emanated or projected the WORD. From Power and the Word is born MOTION. From Power, the Word and Motion is born VIBRATION. From the Original Three and Vibration is born HEAT. From these FIRE, and from this combination LIGHT, and finally from all, is born FORM – a form of POWER, THE WORD, MOTION, VIBRATION, HEAT, FIRE AND LIGHT epitomizes OUR GREAT CENTRAL FLAME or PINEAL GLAND OF THE COSMOS, and ITS UNIVERSES.

Now Heat expands and Light reflects. So our FORM is reflected Seven times in the same manner as in our first diagrams, giving us again Seven in ONE, (Figure 6) or our First Cosmic Region. This, in turn is reflected 7 x 7 or 49 times, the 2nd Cosmic Region. 7 x 49 equals 343, the 3rd Cosmic Region. 7 x 343 gives us 2401, the 4th Cosmic Region. 7 x 2401 gives 16807, the 5th Cosmic Region; 7 x 16807 gives us 117,649, the 6th Cosmic Region and 7 x 117,649 gives us 823,543, the 7th Cosmic Region.



The First Cosmic Region is reflected 7 times, and therefore we have 7 Cosmic Regions and the home of our Solar God who in turn reflects the Seven in ONE. But by reflection, Power, the Word and Motion is changed to WILL, WISDOM and ACTIVITY.

Wisdom, then, is born from reflection of what has gone before, and the Activity from necessity changes Power into Will or WILL-POWER, for our Sun in its intense HEAT, TREMENDOUS POWER AND ACTIVITY MUST give of itself, and we as Children of that Parent Sun are sent forth into SPACE as Virgin Spirits with every quality of our Loving Father, except that of Self-consciousness, which we must work out and evolve for ourselves individually.

“In all things, as above, so below.”