Space and Time

A further contribution to our symposium of opinions on the concepts of Time and Space.

“Time was not, for it lay asleep in the Infinite Bosom of Duration.”
(Book of Dzyan, Stanza 1. Verse 2.)

In Occult or Spiritual Science, it is absolutely impossible to separate Space from Time. Both are factors of, and in, each other. Both are concomitant factors or Attributes of the One Life, the Father-Mother of All Being, the Absolute.

However, in order to invest the reader with a “working knowledge” or understanding of the writer’s concept of the Operation of these factors or attributes of Life, we must consider it in terms of the Third Dimension. Bear in mind, however, that occultly, Space and Time are INSEPARABLE, and a finite proposition, do NOT exist in the Higher Worlds.

What is Space?

Academically, or as a finite proposition, Space may be said to be the volume of displacement of a crystallized object within a more ethereal substance.

Again, the term is applied to the distance or dimension of atmosphere between objects, or given points.

In the realm of the Infinite, however, this finite concept does not apply. That which we ignorantly call Space, is the Matrix of the Absolute, The Cosmic Womb, The Celestial Virgin; The Sleeping, yet Ever Breathing DURATION.

During Pralaya or a Night of Brahma, a Period of Un-manifestation, “The One Form of Existence stretched boundless, causeless in Dreamless Sleep; and Life pulsated unconscious in Universal Space, throughout the All-Presence.” Occultly then, Space must be the Universal Matrix, the Celestial Virgin.

What is Time?

As a finite proposition, Time is the measure of interval from Past incident to Present incident and from Present Incident to approximate Future incident. More definitely and specifically expressed, Time is, as a finite proposition, the Measure of Incident.

In the Realm of the Infinite, however, the finite concept of Time, as of Space, does not apply.

What then…
…If Space is the Universal Matrix; and if Space and Time, Spiritually, are inseparable factors;

What of Time?
Time is the Mathematical or Generating and Re-producing Principle which divided and multiplied the Essence Within the Universal Matrix into the multicellular Organism termed the Universe.

To elucidate: During Pralaya or Manvantaric Night, which is a Period of Inactivity or Un-manifestation, the Universe, and therefore all substance comprising the Universe, is in a state of Dreamless Sleep Consciousness WITHIN the Eternal Parent or Celestial Virgin.

During such a Period, the Masculine and Feminine Forces WITHIN the Absolute, represented occultly by Space and Time, BOTH of which are ONE and Androgynous in nature, are Inactive, and all substance and energy is equilibrated in the Eternal Parent.

When such a Period is ended, and the Out-Breathing or Manvantaric Day of Manifestation begins, the Masculine and Feminine Forces WITHIN the Eternal Parent, the Father-Mother, and represented by our Space and Time, become Active, and all Substance WITHIN the Universal Matrix is differentiated or divided and multiplied into varying degrees of Manifestations, from atom to planet, which mathematical process continues to the end of the Period.

The differentiation of all substance WITHIN the Universal Matrix, together with the character of the particular manifestations is determined by Number and the Measure or rate of Vibration.

Atoms equilibrated in particular Union, manifest as a particular organism.

Space and Time are mathematical propositions on the Mundane Plane. “As above, so below. As below, so above.” Space and Time are mathematical propositions on the Spiritual Planes. This mathematical proposition is androgynous in its nature, and manifests the dual qualities of the Principle of Gender.

“All is One, and that One is All, since all things were in the Creator, (Out-breathing or Manifestation), and we can call Him All since all things are His Members.” Everything proceeds from, and is IN, the Unity (Space and Time) which constitutes the Universe, composed, as it is of Elements in differentiated equilibration. Thus: “The Cosmos is built by Time dividing Number in perfect Measure.”

The Microcosm is a product of Space and Time, a result of Number and Measure.