Sapenath Pencah


The following description is one of an actuality. It is commended to all Fraters and Sorores who are engaged in the study and contemplation of the Astral world.

“In the center of the space which the stars overrun in their courses, is raised the Temple Sapenath Pencah. Marble, alabaster, or porphyry compose not its elegant and majestic walls; such materials are left to mortals.

Its columns are composed of a pure, subtle and material essence of the elements, which glows with sweet clearness, extending in long Porticos, rounded by imposing arches, headed by bold cupolas, forming a Sanctuary, of which art cannot imitate its religious beauties.

The place is filled with a soft Light, which takes many forms and everywhere charms the eye. The entrance thereto is not defended by armed phantoms with flaming swords, but sweet benevolence seated at the First Portico, extends a welcome to timid beings who arrive there to supplicate Divinity, for admission among the Grand Elect of this Sanctuary.”