Rosicrucian Tree of Life

Arranged and drawn by Rt. Wor. Fr. Firmus IX° (Metropolitan)


In the beginning the appointed God of a new creation took up his work in a space of the firmament which we now visualize and conceive of as the location of the Sun. In the beginning was the “Word,” the seven-toned Ray of creation, — sent forth under the WILL of God; focused through the Mind plane, or WISDOM of God; upon the zodiacal ethers, therein beginning the ACTIVITY of God, or, the Creation. Thus “The Lord made Heaven,” (Fire and Air), “and the Earth,” (Water and Earth), the Four Elements. Thus, the Life Ray, focused through the archetypal patterns, “into the Water, into the Air,”-“brought forth” the manifested forms upon the Earth of “every living creature;” – and “the Earth re-constructs the types which she receives,” “in a constantly ascending scale of evolution.”

In this evolution, four Life Waves have surged forth and spent themselves; and the fifth, of our own evolution, having surged to its highest force, is now subsiding in four lesser waves: — Homos Americanus, Mongolicus, Caucasicus and Ethiopicus. Each of these in turn has sent out numerous lesser vibrations of sub-races; 104 Americanus, 76 Mongolicus, 107 Caucasicus and 40 Ethiopicus. These comprise such races, as occult and non-occult anthropology consider sufficiently individual to be accounted a distinct division of the Life Wave.

The Brotherhood teaches that there is already gathering behind one last surviving ripple of this wave, the power of the next great Surge, which will become the sixth in evolution. Some point to Australia, and some to North America as the scene of this resurgence. But it seems that North America will be the theatre of this evolution, since types and ideals evolve faster in those latitudes upon which the Sun works through Aries-Libra, or under the “Royal Arch,” symbolizing the Spring, Summer and Harvesting evolution of the great Cosmic Season.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This chart has been most carefully compiled, corrected and revised, and we believe it will be found the most accurate and complete presentation of the races of the world, ever put forth. It is a splendid symbolism of the famous Tree whose roots are in Heaven, and whose branches are on earth. This chart should be preserved by all occult students to whom it may come, for reference when studying the evolution of races, regardless of school, cult, or sect.

The publication of this insert supplement in five colors and gold is made possible through the generosity of Fraters Cadmus of West Gate College and Frater Firmus of Metropolitan College.