On the General Guidance and Purification of The Soul

(Private Collection D – Alpha Omega Archives – AO-D-354)

 Learn first O Practicus of our Ancient Order, that true Equilibration is the basis of Soul-Power. If thou thyself hast not a sure foundation, whereon wilt thou stand firmly amid the forces of nature!

Know then, that as man is born into this world, amidst the Darkness of Matter and to the strife of contending forces, so must his first endeavour be to seek that light through which is their Reconciliation. Then thou who hast trials and troubles of this life, rejoice because of them; for in them is strength and by their means is a pathway opened unto that Light Divine. How should it be otherwise O man, life is but a day in Eternity and a drop in the Ocean of Time; how were thy trials not many, couldst thou purge thy Soul from the dross of Earth? Is it but now that the Higher Life is beset with dangers and difficulties? Hath it not been ever thus with the Hierophants and Sages of the Past? They have been persecuted and reviled; they have been tormented of men; yet through this hath been their Path unto that Light!

Rejoice therefore, O Initiate, for the greater thy trial, the brighter thy triumph. When men shall revile thee and speak against thee falsely, hath not the MASTER said “Blessed art thou.”

Yet, O Practicus, let thy victories bring thee not vanity, for with increase of knowledge should come increase of wisdom. He who knoweth little, thinketh he knoweth much, but he who knoweth much, learned his own ignorance. “Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? There is more hope of a fool than of him.” (Proverbs xxvi. 12.)

Be not hasty to condemn others’ sin. How knowest thou that in their place, thou couldst have resisted the temptation, and even were it so, why shouldst thou despise one whom thou thinkest weaker than thyself. Be thou well sure of this, that in slander and self-righteousness there is sin. The MASTER condemned not the adulterous woman, but he did not either encourage continuance of the sin. Thou, therefore, who desirest magical gifts, let thy Soul be firm and steadfast; for it is by flattering thy weakness, that the evil one will gain power over thee. Humble thyself before thy God, yet fear neither evil man nor evil spirit. Fear is failure, and the forerunner of failure, and courage is the beginning of virtue. Therefore fear not the evil spirits, but be firm and courteous with them, for thou hast not right either to despise or to revile them, and this too may lead thee into sin.

Command and banish the evil ones. Curse them by the great Names of God if need be, but neither mock nor revile them, for so assuredly wilt thou be led into error. A man is what he maketh himself within the limits set by his inherited destiny; he is a part of mankind, his actions affect not himself only but also those with whom he is brought into contact, either for good or for evil. How much more is it so with the Adept.

Neither worship nor neglect the physical body which is thy temporary basis in, and connection with, the Outer and Material World. Therefore, let thy mental equilibrium be sufficiently above disturbance by material events, but ever open to sympathy with the human and with other races of Creation. Transmute the animal passions and cherish the Higher Aspirations; the emotions are sanctified by suffering.

Do good unto others for Good’s sake; not for reward; not for gratitude from them. If thou art truly generous thou wilt not long for thine ears to be tickled by expressions of gratitude. Remember that Unbalanced Force is Evil, that Unbalanced Severity is but Cruelty and Oppression, but that also Unbalanced Mercy is but Weakness, which would allow and abet Evil. True prayer is as much Action as Word; it is Will. The Gods will not do for Man what his higher powers can do for himself if he cultivate will and wisdom. Remember that this Earth is but an atom in the Universe and that thou, thyself art but an atom thereon; and that even couldst thou become the God of this earth whereon thou crawlest and growlest; that thou wouldst even then be but an atom, and but One amongst Many. Nevertheless have the greatest Self -Respect, and to that end sin not against thyself. There is a sin which is unpardonable; there is a conscious willing rejection of Spiritual Truth also; but every sin and act leaveth its effect. To obtain magical power, learn to control thought. Admit only those ideas, which are in harmony with the end desired and not every stray and contradictory idea, which presents itself. Fixed thought is a means to an end; therefore pay attention to the power of silent thought. The Material Act is but the outward expression of the thought, and therefore hath it been said that the “thought of foolishness is sin.” Thought therefore is the commencement of Action; and if a chance thought can produce much effect what cannot fixed thought do?

Therefore, as hath been already said, establish thyself firmly in the Equilibrium of Forces, in the centre of the Cross of the Elements; that Cross, from whose centre, the Creative World issued in the birth of the Dawning of Time. As it was said unto thee in the 2° 9° Grade of Theoricus: “Be thou therefore prompt and active as the Sylphs, but avoid frivolity and caprice; be energetic and strong like the Salamanders, but avoid irritability and ferocity; be flexible and attentive to images as the Undines, but avoid idleness and changeability; be laborious and patient like the Gnomes, but avoid grossness and avarice. [N.B. This paragraph must not be taken to mean that the Sylphs themselves are necessarily frivolous and capricious; that the Salamanders are irritable and ferocious; the Undines idle and changeable; the Gnomes gross and avaricious; but that contact with these Races without due preparation and self-control might easily tend to increase and foster such defects in ourselves to an undesirable extent – S.R.M.D.]

So shalt thou gradually develop the powers of thy Soul, and fit thyself to come in contact with the Spirits of the Elements. For wert thou to summon the Gnomes but to pander to thine avarice, thou wouldst no longer command them, but they would command thee. Wouldst thou abuse the pure Creatures of God’s Creation to fill thy coffers & satisfy a mere greed and not a legitimate desire for gold? Wouldst thou debase the Spirits of Living Fire to serve but unreasoned wrath and hatred? Wouldst thou violate the purity of the Souls of the Waters only to pander to mere lust and debauchery? Wouldst thou force the Spirits of the evening breeze but to minister to thy folly and caprice?

Know that with such desires, thou canst readily attract the evil, but scarcely the Good, and in that case, the evil would have power over thee.

In truly comprehended Religion there is no sect, therefore, take heed that thou blaspheme not the Name by which another knoweth God; for if thou dost this thing in Jupiter thou wilt blaspheme YHVH; and in Osiris YEHESHUA. “Ask of God and ye shall have. Seek and ye shall find. Knock and it shall be opened unto you.”