Dr. William Wynn Westcott’s Natal Chart

An Astrological Delineation of the Horoscope of the
Late Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia

By John S. Carpenter


The Ego is the Chemist Eternal, gathering the materials, refining them, modifying their compositions, compounding and integrating the atoms for his vehicles; afterwards, when their use has ended, they are disintegrated and broken up; when that which seemed Man has gone into other forms and combinations. That which is Man has returned to the Great Home, to be re-invested of that which he was divested.

We show the graphical picture of the last incarnation of Dr. William Wynn Westcott, who, as he is styled in his book SEPHER YETZIRAH, was Supreme Magus of the Rosicrucian Society of England. (Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia.) He was born in Somersetshire, England, December 17, 1848, at 6-2-30 a.m. This horoscope is quite correct, we are given to understand, from a source close to Dr. Westcott.

The sign Sagittarius rises, ruled by Jupiter, in the first decanate indicating a person of more than the average height, large dark eyes, dark hair and moderately heavy build. A survey of the planets as to distribution among the signs reveals a majority in mutable and fire signs indicating the Mutable Fire temperament. A synthesis based on this follows; modified by individual aspects of note.

The Mutable Fire Quality is centered in the sign Sagittarius, which also being the sign on the ascendant, strengthens the potency of this sign in all departments; making any aspects to Jupiter, his ruler, all the more felt. The planet in highest elevation is the Moon, situated in the 9th house, that of religion and the higher philosophy. The Moon is also conjunct with the Midheaven, the significator of outgoing activities or the public side of the man. Note that the Moon is also near the Dragon’s Head, which, when located near the Midheaven or Ascendant is believed to raise the native to heights of power and note. The power of the Moon is somewhat hindered by the opposition of Saturn in Pisces in the 3rd. Note the word “somewhat,” which is used advisedly since we are dealing with one who, supposedly, had learned to control the Saturnine vibrations. In this case, Saturn’s effects would probably be more felt in the direction of health than the disposition.

The Mutable Fire Quality shows genius and a talented mind. It tends toward ardent and demonstrative affections, with periods of independent and incisive personal characteristics. It favors religious activities (note Jupiter and Moon in the 9th) financial affairs and the promotion of sport in its higher planes. A degree of eccentricity is sometimes observed and while it does not usually bring fame or opportunities for public prominence, this quality often develops a career eventful and one replete with many unusual experiences.

The native was well versed in ancient Hebrew and translated into admirable form one of the oldest classics in that language. Mars is close to the ascendant, giving a dynamic touch to the personality and strength to accomplish. The fire of Mars, together with the general fire element of the whole horoscope, must have been prominent at times and the nearness of Mercury to Mars must have given a marked degree of positivity. It is this Fire of Mars, which usefully employed in the Great Work, helps the native immensely toward the successful accomplishment of the Great Experiment.

Jupiter is trine to both Uranus and Sun, improving an otherwise doubtful condition in old age and strengthening the life forces for a long experience. Jupiter’s influence is shown in mitigating the otherwise damaging aspect of Sun square Moon, which without this helpful ray would have very probably shortened the last stay on this plane.

Venus, in the 2nd, is sextile to Mars, helping educational matters as shown by fifth house under Aries, friends of an artistic temperament as indicated by Libra on the 11th, and occult matters as affected by Scorpio on the 12th. There must have been a rather select circle of friends in occult and artistic lines of endeavor.

Of special interest are the trines of Uranus to Mercury and Jupiter. The 4th house is the hidden side of activities. It suggests something latent, dormant, and unsuspected. Right here is the dominant note of Uranus, the unsuspected activity, which upon occasion reveals strange things. The writer believes that by this ray of Uranus the native was able to pierce the finer world regions, and the more successfully and intelligently by reason of the trine to Mercury; bringing back much that was rational and dependable.

Let us now note the progressed places of the planets for the date of transition, which occurred at Durban, Natal, July 30, 1925. The ephemeral positions on that day were what some would call “very evil”; the writer and his family were in an automobile accident the same day and were badly shaken up. Out on the Pacific Coast a friend was undergoing a rather delicate operation. Progressing the chart by means of advancing the Midheaven 59 min. 8 sec. per years, as proposed by our good friend Logan, we get a new Midheaven located at Sagittarius 11.30 and giving an ascendant of Aquarius 23.

Astrologically, what caused the transition? Moon progressed in transiting the natal eighth house, that of release, redistribution of forces, reallocation. Moon progressed is also conjunct the fixed star Canopus, of Saturnine-Jupiterian nature. Saturn has progressed to an almost perfect square to natal Sun and the Dragon’s Head is almost exact opposition the progressed Sun and conjunct the tail. The progressed Sun is now conjunct the fixed star Eridani, which at birth was conjunct the tail. The natal Midheaven is an exact opposition to the progressed Saturn position. Evidently, from the slow movement of the major bodies involved, the transition was gradual and probably due more to general conditions of age than any outstanding and acute condition.

By way of further examination, let us see what the ephemeral planets were doing. On July 20, but 10 days before there was an eclipse of the Sun in Cancer 27, which fell in the natal house of release and in the 6th house of the progressed chart, Mars transiting his natal Jupiter, his ruler, together with the ponderous Neptune ephemeral. Moon was transiting the exact opposition of the place of the eclipse and Uranus transited the exact opposition of the natal Midheaven.

So, in resume of all the above, July 30, 1925, was the day of his birth into the Higher Life. Like a book, torn out of its covers, may he some day return, a newer and more handsome edition, amended and corrected by his Great Author!

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Fig. 1: Natal Horoscope
Fig. 2: Progressed Horoscope