Dr. Israel Regardie


Dr. Israel Regardie was initiated at the Washington College of the S:.R:.I:.A:. under special dispensation due to his young age. Following are College Minutes regarding acceptance and initiations of Dr. Israel Regardie.


January 21, 1926 – Under the section of MISCELLANEOUS WORK is stated:
“Secretary instructed to inquire of “Metropolitan” as to admission of a Hebrew, under age.” (I. Regardie was 16 years of age at the time)

Regardie Application receivedgd

February 18, 1926
“Application for membership received from Israel Regardie.”


March 18, 1926 – Israel Regardie is initiated into the 0=0 Degree.

Regardie Zelatorgd

June 2, 1927 – Israel Regardie is initiated into the Zelator Degree.