Today the world is largely ignorant of the real practical value of the ancient science of Astrology. Most people think it merely an ancient superstition, forming their opinion from hearsay, or what they have observed of the self-styled “Professors” or vendors of cheap ready-made horoscopes, who prey upon the ignorant public under the pretense of being real astrologers. Fortunately this state of affairs is changing rapidly, and today the thinking world is ready to listen to astrology. People are realizing that it is the greatest of sciences, being the study of the vibrations or radio-like impulses coming from the stars and planets, which surround us. These invisible but intelligent influences are the forces, which are guiding and shaping our development as individual and races.

Study the message of the stars, and you will discover the hidden and mysterious influences that are at work in your life. Know definitely the strong and the weak points in mind and body, and you can select scientifically your proper life work or occupation. Why take a chance on marriage without knowing positively you will harmonize and that you are real soul mates. Astrology is able to tell you these things, accurately and truthfully as nothing else can.

The following chart pictures the Twelve Signs or Constellations of the Zodiac, with their different key words and characteristics, also the Planets of our Solar System and the Twelve Houses or thirty-degree divisions of the Earth’s surface. All this is in standard textbooks of Astrology, but is here pictured for the new student in particularly convenient form. With a textbook and a short course in Astrology, you can learn the easy rules (it only takes arithmetic) of “setting up” a horoscope, which is a chart showing the exact location of all the stars and planets at the time of your birth, with reference to your birthplace. After more advanced study, you will gradually be able to “read” the horoscope, which means to tell from it all the characteristics and influences at work in your life, and as a result the probable happenings. The word “probable” is used because the reading of the horoscope is never absolutely sure as to future events. This is because it is impossible to take entirely into account the willpower of the individual, for the reason that the stars impel but do not compel, their vibrations reaching this planet in the form of a series of Celestial Urges. These urges are radio-like vibrations and are the natural cause of all human expression and earthly happenings. Unless man is strong and wise enough to “rule his stars,” he drifts with the motion of the heavenly bodies, allowing their urge to be his law. The horoscope only shows the natural tendencies in each person’s life. It does not make sure success or failure, which depends, to a great extent on individual willpower. And so you see that, like the laws of Nature, the stars are the friends of the wise and the enemies of the foolish. Also, that Astrology is not entirely a predictive science, and a real astrologer will not try to use it as such. If he has the year, month, day, hour, minute and location of your birth, he can tell you exactly what influences are at work in your life, and what you are likely to do as a result. The astrologer has no right to say, “you will do so and so,” but should say, “you now know the conditions.” What will you do? RULE YOUR STARS, OR LET THEM RULE YOU!