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The Mind of the Alchemist
Excerpt from S:.R:.I:.A:. publication- Coming soon!
Mr. Max Heindel
Photo and an appreciation for his work
The Paths Upon the Tree
Article by Dion Fortune
The Inner Man or God Within
What it is, that accomplishes the phenomenon of concentration

The Esoteric Aspect of Religion
Part II

The Esoteric Aspect of Religion
Article by C. F. R. Seymour

The Healing Power of the Rose
The Mystical Factor in the Great Symbol of the Rosicrucians

The cult of Isis and Osiris
"The Laments of Isis and Nepthys." (Berlin Papyrus 1425)
Promise Yourself Each Morning
Things to promise ourselves every day!
Article regarding talismans by Dion Fortune
Addition of 2 short poems at the bottom of the page
The Perfect Number
A short article on the numer 7
A Thesis by Soror Thetis (Metropolitan College)
Abraham Eleazaris
Scanned typed pages from the controversial alchemical MS
The Universal Trinity
Instructions in Christian Mysticism
The Circuit of Force
Article by Dion Fortune
The Invisible Intelligences
Article by Dion Fortune
Brief description of palmistry regarding the thumb.
Impersonal Self
Short article on the subject
The Christian Mysteries
An understanding of the Mystical Aspect of Spiritual Fundamentals Essential to Christian Unity
The Unknown Ancestors of Jesus
Information that sheds some light on this controversy
Short article by Dr. S. G. Eghian
Dion Fortune on Regardie
Dion Fortune comments on the first publication of the GD material by I. Regardie
The Adytum
One of several lectures on the Adytum, which includes the Prayer of Osiris
The Sign of the Fish
Short article on the esoteric symbolism of the Fish
The Second Affirmation
Article on the Second Affirmation of our Rosicrucian Creed
The Vesica Piscis
Article and diagrams

The Legend of Hiram the Builder
Article adapted by H. V. A. Parsell IX°, 32°, from the article
by Bro. Ben H. Barrows

A Diagram of a Theory of Cosmos
Article and Diagram by Maude S. Pressly
Regarding Favorable and Unfavorable Aspects
Astrological Article by a member of our Society
Some Ideas on the Fourth Dimension
Ideas perceived by Soror E. E. Jones
The Sign of Equilibrium
By M:.W:. Edward H. Brown, Grand Master of the Temple of the Rosy Cross
The first of a series by Charles A. Logan, 9°-2°
The Golden Section - Rose
Article by Fr. Paracelsus
History and Tradition of the SRIA
Paper by one of the students (1925)
Planetary Strength or Weakness
Astrological Lecture, S:.R:.I:.A:. 1928
The Measure of Man
Article by Fr. Paracelsus
The Ceremony of Admission to RR et AC
Paper on the subject from the Whare Ra archives
Rhodocanakis to Albert Pike
Letter dated 14 July 1880
A very early article by Israel Regardie published in Mercury
Paper about Meditation from the Whare Ra archives
Rosicrucian Chronology
for the pre-C.R.C. period
Historical Items
Brief seach through history for the origin of 'Rosicrucian'
Sapenath Pencah
Description of the Astral Temple
Magnum Opus
Symbol of one of the R+C Landmarks
Christian Rosencreuz
Instruction in Rosicrucian Philosophy
Brief Biographies of Illustrious Initiates
Agrippa, Magnus, Paracelsus, Maier, Fludd, and more.
To members of the Alchemical Section
Exerpt from a letter on the Alchemical Series
The Order and its Training
A MSS from the Whare Ra Temple, NZ
Zodiacal Signs and their Ruling Planets
Astrological Diagram
Visit to a Maori Pah
Impressions written by Dr. Felkin
The Tarot
Excerpts from an Alpha-Omega MSS
Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus
A Treatise preliminary to the Study of Hermetic Philosophy
On the General Guidance and Purification of the Soul
A paper on the subject from the Order of Alpha et Omega
Salamanders or Fire Elementals
A paper on the Salamanders from Whare Ra
That Murderer - GOSSIP!
An Editorial by Dr. George W. Plummer
Excerpt from an early lesson of the S:.R:.I:.A:. Astrology course
Rays and Hierarchies
By Helena Folkening
Symbolism of the Precious Stones
St. Edward's Crown
Daily Meditation
What is meant by Occultism
Brief explanation of occultism
A simple ritual for lighting candles
For use in healing and other purposes
The Tree of Life in the Aura
Information on the Tree of Life in the Aura, LBRP, Middle Pillar
Dimensional Evolution
Some thoughts on the Fourth Dimension
What the Stars indicate
A brief description of the Planets
Astrology (Astrology)
Article on Astrology
Simple Healing Ritual
A simple healing ritual from the Whare Ra Temple
Water Sprites
Whare Ra paper for the Grade of 3=8
The Secret of the Sign of the Cross
Article & color diagram explaining the Sign of the Cross
What is Rosicrucianism?
A short explanation
Confessio Fraternitatis
A Manifesto of the R+C Fraternity
Symbolic Illustrations
By Fr. Laurentius, 0°- 0°, (Mercury, February 23, 1920)
Space and Time
Authorized Instruction in Rosicrucian Philosophy
Various paragraphs from instructions published in Mercury over a period of time
Sublime Prayers
Prayers of various peoples and beliefs
The Rosy Cross
The grades of the Rosy Cross and brief explanation
The Production of Esoteric Gold
Article by Francis Mayer (Metropolitan College)

Various poems

A Rosicrucian Prayer Symbol
A prayer symbol used by the Rosicrucian Brotherhood with brief summary
Rosicrucian Tree of Life
Article on the Rosicrucian Tree of Life with Drawing

Gospel of Osiris
The Gospel of Osiris in Hieroglyphics

The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus (In Seven Sections)

Those Alchemists - Our Glands
The function of our glands in all aspects and diagram
showing direction of current on the Path of the Adept

The Smaragdine Table
The Smaragdine Table of Hermes Trismegistus

The Mystery of the Lord's Prayer
The Lord's Prayer as it refers to the annual progress
of the Sun through the Zodiac
Paragraph Truth
Salient Thoughts in Concise Form for Students
Ancient Rosicrucians
Article on the old Rosicrucians
An Appreciation to Dr. W. Wynn Westcott
Article written by Henry Van Arsdale Parsell of the
Metropolitan College, NY (S.R.I.A.)
Dr. William Wynn Westcott's Chronology
in the Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia

Dr. W. W. Westcott's years of service in the Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia
Various astrological articles and charts of people and places

Archival Material and Photos
Items from the archives of the Societas Rosicruciana In America
and photos of events, places and people

Various artwork, Diagrams and Emblems

Affiliation with other Esoteric Organizations
Information on esoteric bodies, past and present, affiliated
with the Societas Rosicruciana In America


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