A Rosicrucian Prayer Symbol


The Christ taught that prayer was very important. He gave instructions how to pray, and gave actual prayers. St. Paul said, “continue” in prayer.

Definitions, as to what prayer really is or should be, differ. One’s conception of prayer is determined by his conception of the Power to whom he prays. Different religions of the world teach prayer in widely different ways: – the Mohammedan to Allah via Mohammed; Protestants to God principally through Jesus Christ; Catholics largely through the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus.

But Rosicrucians have the most sublime conception of prayer that has ever been revealed to worshippers in this world. It is profound in Wisdom, Cosmic in conception and must, other things being equal be the most potent of all forms of prayer.

A brief summary of the following symbol will show what the Rosicrucian concentrates upon in making his invocation.

The Circle is the symbol of the Cosmic ALL – the ABSOLUTE.
The Aspirational Triangle (Apex upward), is the symbol of the SUPREME BEING.
The Operative Triangle (Apex downward), is the symbol of the SOLAR GOD.
The Cross is the symbol of the INDWELLING SPIRIT of our Planet Earth, the CHRISTOS.
The Rose is the symbol of the Virgin Spirit EGO.

The power of the Rosicrucian Prayer is greatly intensified by the concept of unity, which runs in unbroken potency from the EGO through and in each of these exalted Powers. The symbol illustrates this unity. It shows the Supreme Being as differentiated not from but within the Absolute.

This is indicated by the influx of the Absolute at the points of the Triangle. It also shows the Solar God as differentiated within the Supreme Being (note influx at outer points of the triangle) and influx from the Absolute at inner points of the triangle.

It also shows the Christos differentiated within the Solar God, but still the Unity through the Solar influx (Arms of the Cross) and from the Supreme Being and the Absolute (Pillar of the Cross).

And in the center of the Super Trinity, with its roots in the Absolute, its stem in the Supreme Being and the Solar God, and its Flower in the Heart of the Christos, is the Sacred Symbolic “ROSE.”

Through this symbol the Rosicrucian may open veil after veil of the Temple, until his prayer can ascend to the veritable Holy of Holies.