A Diagram of a Theory of Cosmos

By Maude S. Pressly


The accompanying chart was especially prepared for use in connection with first and third chapters of “Rosicrucian Fundamentals” by Frater Khei, showing how we come “From the Center,” or are differentiated from the Absolute through a series of World Regions, Cosmic Regions, Sub-regions and Vehicles of the Human Ego.

Each circle in the chart indicates the boundaries of a Cosmic Region, and the radii are put in to show the seven-fold Division of each Region. The outermost circle is amplified because it is our world and we know much more about it.

The inspiration to draw it in a circular form came while meditating on the question “Whence came we?” and the Rosicrucian answer, “From the Center.”

The Absolute is the Essence of all potentiality in Cosmic Root substance and exists in a state of vibration so much beyond our finite understanding that we term it “Chaos,” “The Universal Matrix,” or “The Womb of Nature.” It is separated from Its first emanation by an “Abyss.”

We are taught “That as above, so below” and in the center of the Chart the Absolute is represented as the first “Mulberry Mass,” the first creative activity. Its negative polarity, Cosmic Root Substance is polarized by Its positive polarity, Spirit or Life Principle and from this fusion emanated the Supreme Being. “The Great Architect of the Universe.”

The position or vibration in Space to which the Supreme Being corresponds is marked on the chart as the 1st Cosmic Region and you will note that this circle further contains the 7 Great Logoi, who are Celestial Beings emanating from the Great Architect.

The Attributes of the Supreme Being are indicated as POWER, which thinks out. WORD, the “only begotten,” which molds Cosmic Root Substance, and MOTION, which prepares Cosmic Root Substance.

By the process of Involution the Universal Principle of Life is brought deeper and deeper into matter for the purpose of building concrete forms and gaining experience. The higher or finer Regions are developed first and greater density is attained until the ultimate of material expression or visible matter is reached.

The seven Great Logoi bring into manifestation and direct what are known as HIERARCHIES, which diffuse and differentiate in seven-fold progression through the six succeeding Cosmic Regions, as will be noted in the chart. We know very little about their work or duties until we come to the Seventh Cosmic Region, but we are taught that each Cosmic Region is subdivided into seven World Regions and it seems plausible to think that each one of the Seven Logoi may have charge over a particular World Region.

When we speak of the First or highest subdivision of the 7th Cosmic Region we do not mean that this region is above us in space, but that it is vibrating at a higher or more spiritual rate than the lowest or 7th World region, for all Cosmic and World Regions interpenetrate one another; only they are differentiated states of vibration and in that sense “Specialized Dimensions in Space.”

In the highest subdivision of the 7th Cosmic Region dwell the Gods of the various solar systems, including the God of our own. We term these Beings “God,” because they are actually responsible for our creation, although they, as well as we, exist only in the Mind of the Absolute. But they are understandable in such a way that we can personify them and feel AT ONE with them much more easily than with the Absolute, who is, to most of us, something of an intellectual abstraction. Each of these Gods express in Triune form as WILL, WISDOM and ACTIVITY.

Creation is not an instantaneous act. The first differentiation from God is what we call VIRGIN SPIRIT. We often speak of the Solar God as the Central Flame, and the matter of the 2nd World Region consists of sparks from His own Flame, each of which is destined to become an individualized Ego, or Flame, and each is endowed with the germ of His Will, Wisdom and Activity. Of these elements Divine Will is that which renders each spark capable of instituting new departures in constructive development.

Our knowledge of the 3rd World Region corresponds to the beginning of the Saturn Period, and here we find great Celestial Beings whom we know as the Lords of Will and Flame assisting the tiny sparks of Virgin Spirit as they begin their plunge into matter. These sparks are here endowed with Divine Consciousness, but they have not attained Self-consciousness, which is a faculty only gained by Evolution and one of the main purposes of the descent of Spirit into matter. In this Region the Lords of Will and Flame developed the germ of DIVINE SPIRIT, the first aspect of the threefold Spirit of Man-to-be, and also developed the germ of the Physical Body.

Our knowledge of the 4th World Region corresponds to the beginning of the Sun Period, and in this region, Man-to-be, assisted by the Cherubim, developed that germ of his threefold spiritual nature that we term LIFE SPIRIT, and with the aids of the Lords of Wisdom also developed the germ of his present Etheric Body.

Each of these regions is subdivided into seven but until we come to the 5th we know very little about the specific purpose of each subdivision. Our knowledge of the 5th World Region or World of THOUGHT corresponds with the MOON period, and here Man-to-be, assisted by the Seraphim, developed the germ of the third aspect of his Spiritual nature, HUMAN SPIRIT.

The 7th, 6th, and 5th sub-regions of this plane are known as the Region of Abstract Thought, and it is here, that the EGO, the totality of the threefold Spirit, after it has attained individuality, and become a distinct, imperishable entity, operates through the Mind, or Mental Sheath, one of the Vehicles of Humanity.

During the Moon period, the Lords of Motion developed the germ of the Astral Body from this plane of Abstract Thought and then gave it concrete form. During this period individuality was attained.

The other germinal concepts pertaining to these three regions are fully shown in the chart.

The four lower subdivisions of the 5th World Region we term the “Region of Concrete Thought,” and the fourth is an especially important one, for here Spirit becomes “reflected” in matter. Spirit, as Spirit, can descend no lower than this; it only projects from itself the various lower vehicles. The 4th is also the Region of Archetypal forces and MIND STUFF of Man-to-be. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sub regions are often termed ARCHAEUS, nature’s storehouse, where the Archetypes of all things are preserved.

The 6th World Region is that of the ASTRAL World and the chart indicates the seven grades of Astral Matter of which our Astral Bodies are composed. This is the plane on which all Desire and Emotion originate.

The 7th World Region is that of the PHYSICAL World. The seven grades of matter that make up our physical bodies, three of them Chemical and the four higher ones of finer Etheric Stuff, are indicated on the chart and the principal purpose of each noted.

The tiny flickering sparks, known as Virgin Spirits, have, through the process of Involution, descended into matter all the way down to the mineral kingdom and by the process of Evolution have now attained the Status of the Humanity of the present day, and are “Returning to the Center,” Gods in the making.

Let us never forget that the Absolute is Omnific, Omniscient and Omnipresent, and though It seems so far from us, it may be that meditation on this circular chart, with its spokes extending from the Center to Infinity, may aid us in the realization that “In Him we truly live, and move and have our being.”